HEDSUP: man -k cleanup (man -k RAID, some bits are missing)

Roman Kurakin rik at inse.ru
Tue May 15 20:01:15 UTC 2007

Eric Anderson wrote:
> On 05/15/07 11:32, Roman Kurakin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>    Trying to obtain information about supported RAID devices in
>> the system via `man -k RAID` I've found that not all known
>> by me devices are there. So a grep-ed a bit and going to commit
>> the following patchset. I think that keyword RAID should present
>> in description of all these man pages. But may be I am wrong?
>> There is also some bits I was not able to fix.
>> 1) Is it safe to s/Array/RAID/ in ida(4)?
> I don't think that's good - an array isn't necessarily a RAID, and a 
> s/r of that name yields bad results.
I am about brief description (.Nd) only. If driver supports some RAID 
arrays it
should be marked as such. So may be "Array" => "Array (including RAID)" 
in .Nd?
>> 2) Is it safe to mark ciss as driver for RAID controllers?
>> 3) Should be isp(4) marked as driver for RAID controllers?
> But isp isn't a RAID controller, it's an HBA.
Thanks for information. It was just counted by grep results ;-)

>> 4) Should geom(4) be patched as suggested in my patch or
>> it is enough of mentioning in corresponding class utilities?
>> 5) Have I missed smth else?
>> PS. I think that there is other such places where `man -k` is not
>> complete, so its good todo idea, currently not for me ;-).
>> PPS. Sorry for crossposting. I hope I included all affected parties.
> Eric

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