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LI Xin delphij at delphij.net
Tue May 15 05:10:42 UTC 2007

Randy Bush wrote:
> LI Xin wrote:
>> Randy Bush wrote:
>>> could the em driver have been borked by the recent changes such that
>>> once a day or so it went out for a few minutes to an hour?  if so, did
>>> the changes three days ago fix it?
>> What do you mean by "went out"?  According to my understanding 1.175 of 
>> if_em.c seems to fix the case where em(4) fails to attach on certain 
>> hardware...
> running fine.  stops moving packets for five to 60 minutes.  starts moving
> packets again.  all with no intervention, in rack, long way away.  e.g. see
> two stops in
>     http://rip.psg.com/~randy/070514.em0-borkage.png
> no other hosts with same symptom, though three with em ethers updated at
> same time.
> and, of course, it used to work fine until cvsup of May 8 12:03 (gmt).
> everything always "used to work." :)

Hmm...  Is there anything shows up in system log?

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