Process for requesting reverting patch?

Dag-Erling Smørgrav des at
Mon May 14 09:11:48 UTC 2007

Steve Kargl <sgk at> writes:
> Sigh.  mp@ has already verified that the problem with gdb and tcsh
> occurs.
> Were you born stupid or did your have to work at it?

I don't know if I was born stupid, but I certainly wasn't born with your
quick wits and talent for words, so I'll express myself plainly: using
gdb to trace processes which fork, and especially processes which track
their children closely, such as shells, has never worked properly in
FreeBSD.  The reason I know this is that I have spent the last ten years
rooting around the FreeBSD kernel, and written or rewritten a sizeable
portion of the ptrace(2) code, which gdb uses, myself.

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