Process for requesting reverting patch?

Ricardo Nabinger Sanchez rnsanchez at
Mon May 14 03:44:00 UTC 2007

On Sun, 13 May 2007 19:06:35 -0700
Steve Kargl <sgk at> wrote:

> > I couldn't find the PR ('No matches' all the time using web query-pr.cgi)
> > right now, but wasn't it Fortran code, instead of C?
> > 
> Well, the very first post in this thread contains URL to
> the PR.!

Which I don't have anymore...  Should've looked at the archives anyway.

> You got to be kidding me that you could find it via a
> web search.  Is 'tcsh' too hard to spell?  Here's
> the result

Easy, man.  I don't have any motive to bullshit you.  I did search with some
variations, from very specific (you as the originator, mp@ as the resposible,
tcsh as the summary) to very broad ("tcsh"), with no results.  The results
also took some odd time to come out, around 30 seconds each.

However, searching right _now_ brings the results, and very fast.

> This has absolutely nothing to do with Fortran.  I get the
> exact same problem with the classic Hello World.

Indeed.  I really confused with it because you was debugging gfortran, but
all I remembered was "fortran", but could not find the PR.

When reading mp@'s hello world C program, I thought he might be doing the
wrong test, thus my ping message.  Sorry for wasting yours and mp@'s time.

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