Network interface modules keeps re-loading

Fredrik Lindberg fli at
Sat May 12 21:08:05 UTC 2007

Andrew Thompson wrote:
> A similar solution to this was committed in rev1.129 of ifconfig.c but
> then backed out later as the module loading proved to be feature used by
> quite a few people. I think an example was being able to load and
> initialise an interface by just trying 'ifconfig foo0'.
> I think a different way to solve this is to add a argument to ifconfig
> to suppress the module loading and then use it at the appropriate places
> in rc.

Oh, I should have read the commit logs first, sorry about that.
Either way, I think something should be done about it. It certainly
annoyed me today before I could figure out what as going on.
When somebody issues a kldunload, they shouldn't get the module
re-loaded right away.

Clearly people want the current behavior (although I question it
myself), what would be an appropriate way to suppress loading?
ifconfig -n foo0, as in no-probe/load?


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