Intel 82845G / AGP / 7.0-CURRENT

Vlad K Sm kuzminva at
Sat May 12 14:45:31 UTC 2007

On Friday 11 May 2007 00:52, Eric Anholt wrote:

>> > > Also you should try loading i915.ko in the loader that might be
>> > > necessary (I can't remember).
> >
> > No, only making sure that the AGP code is built into the kernel is
> > necessary.  However, -current should have had the intel AGP support
> > for quite a while.
> Ah right, sorry for the noise!  :) 
I found that in 6.2.-release there was a conflict between acpi and agp 
drivers. I mean that /dev/agpgart is not created if acpi is loalded 
(acpi_load="YES") that's why I turned off agp in kernel and loaded agp 
at first and only then acpi (using kldload). Can someone check that 
there is no this issue in current?

Vlad Kuzmin

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