MacBook patches

Arne Schwabe schwabe at
Fri May 11 21:20:55 UTC 2007

Rui Paulo wrote:
> Hi,
> Attached are the work I've done so far for my Summer of Code
> project. If you have a MacBook and are willing to spend some time
> build -current with these patches and testing, here's what you should
> know:

I am. But I am a little bit how I should install FreeBSD on my Macbook. 
Using the 7.0 April snapshots, FreeBSD boots. but dies in sysinstall: 
BARF 170 > 171 (iirc) :(

I could not try booting without ACPI/APIC because the keyboard was not 
working in the loader :/

Any hints which FreeBSD version I could try next time?


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