Kernel panics on boot: can't allocate interrupts

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri May 11 07:48:54 UTC 2007

Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> Paolo Pisati wrote:
>>>> I just rebuilt the kernel today, and it appears that the kernel can't
>>>> allocate interrupts anymore (for whatever reason). I've posted my 
>>>> kernel
>>>> config here:
>>>> <>, and my
>>>> screenshots of the boot process here:
>>>> <>.
>>>> I'm using the amd64 version of 7-CURRENT via VMWare in XP-x64.
>>> can you go back to Sat 05 May with the src and try again?
>>     Sure. I just synced only the kernel section (src-sys) and rebuilt 
>> / installed the kernel and I still receive the same failure. Should I 
>> do the same for the userland as well?
>>     The only other thing is that I was testing out some code mods last 
>> night in the libc directory with db, and some of the code was 
>> partially built. At what point does the interrupt allocation occur? 
>> Userland or kernel? Can you point me to the source directory?
>> Thanks!
>> -Garrett
> Well, so far I can say that a checkin between April 14th and April 28th 
> most likely caused the panic issues. Need to do some more investigating.
> -Garrett

I synced and rebuilt world and everything appears to be perfectly fine. 
The issue may have layed in the fact that I was using partially built 
objects (NO_CLEAN=yes), or the fact that some build dependencies weren't 
compiled properly (by myself).

Back to work on a 'stable' version of CURRENT again.. Yay!


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