We don't really need two FTP daemons

Simon L. Nielsen simon at FreeBSD.org
Thu May 10 18:11:16 UTC 2007

On 2007.05.10 13:47:40 +0000, Wojciech A. Koszek wrote:

> Could we decide if we really want to support lukemftpd(8) ?


I think only having one ftpd in the base system would be a very good
move.  Both with my doc hat (I have seen mails about the different
config files etc.) and with my secteam hat (we have less software to

Personally don't care much which ftpd is removed, but unless lukemftpd
has some big important feature(s) which is useful to many people I
agree lukemftpd is the obvious one to nuke.

So FWIW, a big vote from me to remove one ftpd.


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