Experiences with 7.0-CURRENT and vmware.

Greg Larkin glarkin at sourcehosting.net
Thu May 10 14:04:46 UTC 2007

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> > Has VMware changed what network hardware they emulate, 
> and/or does VMware 
> > offer options about what virtual hardware to expose?
> I don't believe so.  It still probes as pcn under NetBSD.
> > The if_em driver is 
> > for Intel ethernet cards; historically VMware has exposed a 
> Lance ethernet 
> > device supported by the lnc(4) device driver; now that 
> driver has indeed 
> > been replaced with le(4).
> Right.  I believe it still is lance, but somehow em is showing up.
> > But if if_em is probing, it suggests a VMware 
> > change rather than a FreeBSD change, which you may be able 
> to revert by 
> > telling it to expose a Lance-style device as opposed to an 
> Intel device.
> There's no way to choose the type of card vmware emulates.

Hi Darren,

Have you tried modifying the .vmx file after you've created the VM?
For instance, I want to use the em driver with my FreeBSD 6.2 VMs, so
my .vmx file contains these lines:

Ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"
Ethernet1.virtualDev = "e1000"

I had to change them manually from:

Ethernet0.virtualDev = "vlance"
Ethernet1.virtualDev = "vlance"

Perhaps you can force the virtual devices to vlance, if they are not
already configured that way.

Greg Larkin

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