advice for running current

AN andy at
Thu May 10 13:30:29 UTC 2007

I need some advice, I am trying to run Kismet on FBSD 6.2stable.  The 
problem is that Kismet crashes because it needs the radiotap headers.  I 
have tried to upgrade to current, I used the standard-supfile with cvsup 
but after rebuilding world uname still shows:

  6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #0: Sat May  5 11:10:04

I believe the radiotap headers are in 7 current, is that correct?  I see 
that the 7 current source tree is in slush, does that mean there will be a 
release candidate soon?  When it is available should I be able to run 
kismet?  What is the correct setting for the tag line in the cvsup file to 
get current?


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