if_ath breaks s3 suspend/resume [Was: ACPI S3 wakeup problem (beeeeeeeeep)]

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Wed May 9 16:33:19 UTC 2007

Quoting Sam Leffler <sam at errno.com> (Wed, 09 May 2007 09:10:07 -0700):

> card ejecting it will restore the system to normal use.  For pci cards 
> (e.g. minipci) power cycling works.  I've never heard of anyone needing 
> to remove a battery.

This is with a mini-pci card. And The laptop hangs completely. I can
not power it off. The power button seems to need ACPI. Normally I push
it for some seconds and the laptop switches off (or short and it does a
"shutdown -p now"). In the case described in my previous mail this does
not work. So the only way to power cycle is to remove the power. As
this is a laptop, pulling the power cord is not enough, I have to
remove the battery.


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