rr232x driver update? rr2340 driver?

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at telia.com
Wed May 9 09:54:53 UTC 2007

The RocketRAID 232x driver is currently at version 1.2 in the tree (at
least in 6.2-RELENG, but I think it's the same in HEAD). Highpoint
released version 1.3 of this driver a few weeks (months?) ago and I just
wanted to check with you if an update in the FreeBSD tree is in the

Also, do you know if the driver for the RocketRAID 2340 is going to go
into the tree anytime soon. Highpoint has version 1.2 of this driver on
their webpage, but it's not available in the FreeBSD tree yet.

Best regards,
Daniel Eriksson

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