if_ath breaks s3 suspend/resume [Was: ACPI S3 wakeup problem (beeeeeeeeep)]

Louis Kowolowski louisk at cryptomonkeys.com
Wed May 9 06:40:31 UTC 2007

On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 09:04:49PM -0700, Sam Leffler wrote:
> Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
> > Am Dienstag, 8. Mai 2007 schrieb Harald Schmalzbauer:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I found the sysctl "debug.acpi.resume_beep" and enabled it.
> >> When I send my Vaio SRX41p sleeping with acpiconf -s3 it never waked up
> >> again. Now with this sysctl enabled I hear a continuing beep, but the 
> >> hard drive stays powered down, also the LCD keeps unlit.
> >>
> >> Any hints how I can find out what's going wrong?
> >> Tuning hw.acpi.reset_video doesn't change anything.
> > 
> > Again, the fabulous handbook gave me the hint to remove all devices from
> > the kernel and dynamically load them.
> > This revealse if_ath as the culprit. (the last I tried after usb, 
> > fwohci, pcm, ichsmb)
> > 
> > Could this be related to the interrupt strom problems with ath (I often 
> > get storm warnings, all drivers share IRQ9 on this laptop)?
> Unclear but there's been an outstanding complaint against ath related to
> suspend for a while.  Specifically if you touch certain registers in the
> h/w after the chip has been put to sleep you can hang the pci bus.  I've
> asked people that can reproduce the problem to narrow down the code path
> by which the driver is entered but w/o luck.
I don't know for sure, but I think I might be seeing a similar issue with
atheros, but during bootup instead of suspend.  It's not reproducable in a
reliable fashion, but sometimes I get a hang during bootup shortly after 
ath0 is brought up.  I also see an interupt storm on irq11, which I believe 
is also shared by ichsmb (at least on my Thinkpad T60p).

If there is more information I can make available, I'm more than willing.  
I'd like to provide a defined way to cause this, but it doesn't seem to 
happen in a "regular" way.  If anyone has suggestions on this, please share.

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