Functional RAID controller?

Scott Long scottl at
Wed May 9 04:55:18 UTC 2007

Barrett Lyon wrote:
> I've been using HEAD with 3ware adapters and all of my test machines are 
> completely non-functional.  I had my team working directly with 3ware 
> for two weeks and they offered a tip here and there.   Ultimately we 
> ended up with a non-functioning systems and a good idea what's wrong 
> with the twa driver.
> I offered to help fund and provide hardware for a development effort to 
> update their driver to support HEAD but they refused to help.  I am 
> worried about 3ware's commitment to the future of FreeBSD and the twa 
> driver at this point, 3ware is not the least bit concerned (even with a 
> large customer):

I have a pretty good idea of what is wrong, and it's partially my fault.
A quick work-around would be to edit /sys/dev/twa/tw_osl_freebsd.c and
remove the INTR_MPSAFE flag as so:

--- tw_osl_freebsd.c    9 May 2007 04:16:32 -0000       1.7
+++ tw_osl_freebsd.c    9 May 2007 04:54:24 -0000
@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@
         if ((error = bus_setup_intr(sc->bus_dev, sc->irq_res,
-                       INTR_TYPE_CAM | INTR_MPSAFE,
+                       INTR_TYPE_CAM,
                         twa_pci_intr_fast, NULL,

If that works for you then I'll check it into CVS and work with
AMCC on a real fix.


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