Functional RAID controller?

adam radford aradford at
Tue May 8 21:32:56 UTC 2007


If you have "a good idea what's wrong with the twa driver", would you mind
sharing a stack trace or other information?  So far I have only been told that
"system hangs when I do heavy I/O".  This is _not_ reproducable here.
Have you run memtest86 on the machine?  Have you run a PCI analyzer on
your machine to see who is on the PCI bus before/during the hang?

When I talked to your associates, they didn't have options DDB, KDB, or WITNESS
even compiled in.

You claim the hang doesn't happen on the 6.2 series twa driver,
the driver changes between the 6.x and 7.x twa driver are _very_ minimal,
some simple time keeping changes, and some XPT_* path inquiry handling

3ware/AMCC is still very much so supporting BSD and we have many customers.
I have sent a patch to Scott Long for the 6.X tree very recently (like
2 weeks ago)
to support the 9650SE series controllers.

I am sorry that you are frustrated.  There are plans to make a patch
update to the 7.0
FreeBSD tree, but we cannot send it at this time.

I am really surprised that you are trying to design servers around the
FreeBSD un-stable


On 5/8/07, Barrett Lyon <blyon at> wrote:
> I've been using HEAD with 3ware adapters and all of my test machines
> are completely non-functional.  I had my team working directly with
> 3ware for two weeks and they offered a tip here and there.
> Ultimately we ended up with a non-functioning systems and a good idea
> what's wrong with the twa driver.
> I offered to help fund and provide hardware for a development effort
> to update their driver to support HEAD but they refused to help.  I
> am worried about 3ware's commitment to the future of FreeBSD and the
> twa driver at this point, 3ware is not the least bit concerned (even
> with a large customer):
> > From:           xxx at
> > Subject:      RE: 3ware driver issues-Machine to be dropped at 3ware
> > Date:         May 7, 2007 5:14:04 PM PDT
> >
> > Good Afternoon.  Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone.   We
> > have been discussing this internally, and ultimately BSD 7 is
> > unreleased, unstable OS at this time.
> >
> > I am sorry, but this is not something we can put resources in at this
> > time and if you bring a systems here, it could not be worked on right
> > away either.  It would be weeks/months before we can work on this...
> I would like to find a SATA RAID controller that plays nice by a
> company that is FreeBSD friendly and progressively working on their
> drivers.  Does anyone have any suggestions other than to not use the
> 7.0 branch?
> -Barrett
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