Functional RAID controller?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Tue May 8 20:10:56 UTC 2007

At 10:57 AM 5/8/2007, Barrett Lyon wrote:

>>From:     xxx at
>>Subject:        RE: 3ware driver issues-Machine to be dropped at 3ware
>>Date:   May 7, 2007 5:14:04 PM PDT
>>Good Afternoon.  Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone.   We
>>have been discussing this internally, and ultimately BSD 7 is
>>unreleased, unstable OS at this time.
>>I am sorry, but this is not something we can put resources in at this
>>time and if you bring a systems here, it could not be worked on right
>>away either.  It would be weeks/months before we can work on this...
>I would like to find a SATA RAID controller that plays nice by a
>company that is FreeBSD friendly and progressively working on their
>drivers.  Does anyone have any suggestions other than to not use the
>7.0 branch?

Are they saying FreeBSD in general, or HEAD specifically ?  i.e. 
would they commit resources to fixing issues in a RELEASE branch, but 
not a development branch ?


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