gjournal + gmirror question

Eric Anderson anderson at freebsd.org
Wed May 2 16:37:13 UTC 2007

On 05/02/07 09:48, Ivan Voras wrote:
> Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
>> Because it's a large fs with standard newfs parameters, so many inodes to 
>> check...
>> Or does fsck recognize that it's a gjournaled UFS and skip unnessecarry 
>> checks?
>> That's what my initinal interest was about.
> Judging from 
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/src/sbin/fsck_ffs/gjournal.c you 
> might be right, but I don't see it documented in man pages. IIRC Pawel 
> did at one time explain that fsck will only delete stale/unreferenced 
> inodes and so be quicker than usual.
> If you have the time for benchmarks, they would be appreciated :)

Well, there would be less of a point to using gjournaling if you still 
had to fsck the whole thing, right?  With gjournaling, you can just run 
an 'fsck -p' on it, which takes less than 1 second on my 10Tb fs.  So, 
no need to benchmark.


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