KSE was Re: open/close/ioctl api change?

vehemens vehemens at verizon.net
Wed Jun 27 05:41:10 UTC 2007

On Monday 25 June 2007 12:31:46 pm Danny Braniss wrote:

> Julian,
> I compiled the kernel, and DEFAULT contains
> 	option KSE
> then I compiled the loadable module, outside the source tree, where
> KSE is not defined, the thread structure has #ifdef KSE ... #endif
> so my module sees a different thread structure. The real arguable issue
> is that the #ifdef KSE is below the *td_proc, So td->proc should not
> be affected by the ifdef. BTW, it was NULL when compiled for i386,
> garbage for amd64.

The KSE structure option also broke my DRM modules.

Is the plan to eliminate the KSE option from the headers?

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