ZFS and gmirror

Axel S. Gruner liste at encephalon.de
Mon Jun 25 09:57:18 UTC 2007

Dmitry Morozovsky schrieb:
> On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Axel S. Gruner wrote:
> ASG> #zpool create zusr raidz da0 da1 da2
> [snip]
> ASG> Now i have on da0 a free da0s1d. Ok, i can use this with zfs:
> Hmm, I see collision here - you said you use all da0 for zpool?

Ah, no.
/dev/da0s1d is it.
So, /dev/da0s1a is 334MB big, and the only UFS stuff left. On da0s1d was
 /usr, but /usr is now on zusr/usr (ZFS).
So, /dev/da0s1d is free an i can use it with ZFS.
Now i want to mirror /dev/da0s1a with /dev/da4s1a.
Building a mirror with /dev/da0s1d and /dev/da4s1d (zpool mirror)
Also, want to mirror swap /dev/da0s1b with gmirror, or what?
Ok, in single user mode i can set up the mirror, for /dev/da0s1a. Well,
right now, i got stuck in insert /dev/da4s1a to gm0.
If this will be working, i am able to use the rest of da0 and da4 as an
zpool, and mirror also the swap.

Or is there another way to use the system disk also with ZFS and not to
loose much space, or, if you got only two disk, also get in touch with
ZFS and the famous features?


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