ZFS on 7.X CURRENT /usr refuses to remount after boot

Axel S. Gruner liste at encephalon.de
Sun Jun 24 09:20:15 UTC 2007

Outback Dingo schrieb:
> # Device                Mountpoint      FStype  Options        
> Dump    Pass#
> /dev/ad0s3b             none            swap    sw              0       0
> /dev/ad0s3a             /               ufs     rw              1       1
> # comment out old
> #/dev/ad0s3d            /usr            ufs     rw              2       2
> tank                    /usr            zfs     rw              2       2
> /dev/acd0               /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0
> # echo 'daily_status_zfs_enable="YES"' >> /etc/periodic.conf
> # zfs set mountpoint=/usr tank/usr
Imho you do not need a fstab entry for ZFS.
Yes, it is like voodoo, but that the way ZFS works ;-). Well, you can
use the fstab for ZFS (on Opensolaris) but i do not know if this is also
usable in FreeBSD.
Just comment the ZFS entry out and reboot.
Also, i think you just need zfs_enable in /etc/rc.conf, not in rc.conf
and loader.conf.



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