Low end video card that won't crash server ... ?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at freebsd.org
Fri Jun 22 03:07:16 UTC 2007

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Unfortunately, it seems that the discussion on nvidia driver causing -current 
to crash seems to have died off ... since I'm trying to work with a group on 
getting wine actually working under -current, having X down right now is really 
making things difficult, so I figure I'll go out and buy "yet another video 
card", so that I can get some work done ...

ATI vs nVidia?  I used to think that nVidia was 'pro-OSS', but have recently 
changed my mind on that based on, well, alot of things ... am I better off 
going with an ATI video card instead, or are they about on teh same level as 
far as being OSS friendly?  And, if ATI, anything I should stay away from as 
far as -current+xorg is concerned?

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