patch: acpi usermode suspend API change

Nate Lawson nate at
Fri Jun 22 01:27:40 UTC 2007

Lars Engels wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 09:29:28AM -0700, Nate Lawson wrote:
>> Lars Engels wrote:
>>> And I just saw that every 5 second a new apm device is created! 
>>> # ls /dev
>>> acd0            apm12           apm3            apm47           apm8        
>>> acpi            apm13           apm30           apm48           apm9        
>>> ad0             apm14           apm31           apm49           ata         
>>> ad0.journal     apm15           apm32           apm5            atkbd0      
>>> ad0.journals1   apm16           apm33           apm50           bpf0        
>>> ad0.journals2   apm17           apm34           apm51           bpf1        
>>> ad0.journals3   apm18           apm35           apm52           bpsm0       
>>> ad0.journals4   apm19           apm36           apm53           cardbus0.cis
>>> ad0.journals4a  apm2            apm37           apm54           cd0         
>>> ad0.journals4b  apm20           apm38           apm55           cdrom@      
>>> ad0.journals4c  apm21           apm39           apm56           console     
>>> ad0.journals4d  apm22           apm4            apm57           consolectl  
>>> ad0.journals4e  apm23           apm40           apm58           ctty        
>>> ad0.journals4f  apm24           apm41           apm59           cuad0       
>>> agpgart         apm25           apm42           apm6            cuad0.init  
>>> apm0            apm26           apm43           apm60           cuad0.lock  
>>> apm1            apm27           apm44           apm61           devctl      
>>> apm10           apm28           apm45           apm62           devstat     
>>> apm11           apm29           apm46           apm7            dri/        
>>> [...]
>> What are you running that opens /dev/apm?  Maybe powerd?
>> I have a patch that handles reaping these devices, unfortunately it is
>> pending completion of another patch that allows devfs_destroy() from a
>> close() routine.  That part is a core problem in FreeBSD, and it isn't
>> really something in acpi.
> Yes, powerd is running. Do you need additional system info?

No, I'm just going to work around this and re-test the patch before


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