Current does not boot - BIOS problem?

Gary Corcoran gcorcoran at
Tue Jun 19 17:27:24 UTC 2007

Randall Stewart wrote:
> Hmm.. I had something similar to this happen on
> my laptop once a ways back..
> It was a T40 and the screw that holds the HD
> had fallen out (without me noticing) and the HD
> had actually come out of its slot slightly..
> Plugging the disk back in and then booting fixed
> the problem..
> But in a desktop this just seems to be not possible
> unless maybe your drive went bad??

Well, maybe the disk did logically "disappear".  Some BIOSes allow you
to set the order of the disks.  That is, which one is the first disk,
second disk, etc.  Perhaps the BIOS "flipped a bit" and now doesn't
think your boot disk is the first disk.  Check your BIOS disk settings.


> Marinos Ilias wrote:
>> Hello list, Yesterday I upgraded to latest -CURRENT.Although the
>> build and installing was successful, the system refuses to boot.It
>> stops at the boot sequence with the following error:
>> Can't work out which disk we are booting from. Guessed BIOS device
>> 0xffffffff not found by probes, defaulting to disk0:
>> panic: free: guard1 fail @0x5195c from
>> /home/ncvs/src/sys/boot/i386/loader/../../common/module.c:957 -->
>> Press a key on the console to reboot <--
>> I cannot figure out what kind of problem is it.It's weird that the
>> system cannot find which disk to boot from.I didn't have such
>> problems at past and I run CURRENT at this desktop for over a
>> year.Also I want to add that I cannot either boot the kernel.old , as
>> it hangs when I try : kernel /boot/kernel.old/kernel at boot prompt.
>> If you have any ideas, you're welcome!
>> Thank you.
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