German keymap not working

Raven Tuscan at
Mon Jun 18 19:32:10 UTC 2007

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Tory wrote:
>  > This might be trivial, but I can't find out what's wrong.
>  > I rebuild world / kernel daily, and since last week German Umlauts don't 
>  > work anymore.
>  > Not on the console and not in X.
>  > I tried different keymaps and manual edits.
>  > The values are ok, but Instead of ä ü ö (pasted) I get ? ? ÷ - or 
>  > nothing at all.
> What are your locale settings?  i.e. what's the output
> from this shell command:  env | egrep 'LC_|LANG'
> Best regards
>    Oliver
That's the weird thing, the output of env | egrep 'LC_|LANG' reads:


but that can't be right, since I get a slash when pressing  shift-7 and 
the german ß works as well.
Almost all keys work as they are supposed to with a german keymap , I 
only can' t get" ä ö ü @ " (pasted).

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