-CURRENT + Xorg + nvidia driver == Crash ?

Juan Segovia Silvero jsegovia at silver.udg.es
Mon Jun 18 14:00:48 UTC 2007

> I'm running out of ideas here, and so far haven't been able to get Xorg to
> run without the nvidia driver ... but, with a fresh CVSup of the source
> tree, after having used 'make check-old' to wipe out everything it reports
> *and* then proceeding to recompile everything in ports to make sure that
> I'm linked with the right libraries ...
> ... when I run startx, the machine crashes/reboots ...
> I've *just* today subscribed to this list, so maybe I've missed a thread
> ... but is there a known problem? :(

I had the same problems that people is describing with -CURRENT and
the NVIDIA driver (reboot spontaneous after finishing a session,
and upon chainging to ttyv*).

It wasn't like that until very recently (that is, it started happening
after with kernels from maybe the last couple of weeks).

Just to try something different, I installed the "beta" NVIDIA
driver (100.14.09) (I disabled the #error directive in header file).
It works; it doesn't reboot anymore, although I cannot switch to
a text mode ttyv. My card is a GeForce Fx Go5200.


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