Multicast problems

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Mon Jun 18 10:41:43 UTC 2007

Ian FREISLICH wrote:
> Hi
> I have a problem with quagga running on a CURRENT (15 June).  It
> appears that it's registering the multicast address on the wrong
> interface.  In fact, no matter which network I tell quagga to use
> as the OSPF network, it always registers the multicast addresses
> on the same incorrect vlan.  It works with a May 24 kernel. 

What is the format of the IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP call used by the version of 
Quagga you are running to join the OSPF group?
Does it use 'struct ip_mreqn' ?

Other folks reported issues with the new code. As you're probably aware, 
ipv4 multicast group memberships must be bound to an interface. When 
they are not, the interface selected as the source for the IGMP join 
uses a routing table lookup on the group.
The newer code changed to perform this lookup by interface index as well 
as by address, as interfaces used for ipv4 multicast traffic are 
generally assumed to have a protocol-level address.


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