moused linear acceleration drops

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at
Fri Jun 15 08:55:08 UTC 2007

Am Freitag, 15. Juni 2007 schrieb Oliver Fromme:
>  > Hmm, if I don't use -A (dynamic acc) the problem still persists, the
>  > linear acceleration is droping info, hence the culprit. I don't have a
>  > problem with dynamic acceleration when the linear is disabled, so it
>  > can't be a regression by your patch I think.
> My patch only added -A (dynamic acc) but did not touch the
> algorithm of -a (linear acc).  If you observe the problem
> when using -a but not -A, then there are two possibilities:
> 1.  My patch _did_ introduce a regression with -a, or:
> 2.  The problem already existed before my patch.

I suspect the latter.

> I'll try to find out and fix it.  (My free time is limited
> today, though, so it might take a little longer.)
> By the way, what kind or model of a mouse do you have
> there?  Maybe I'm able to get hold of one, so I can
> reproduce the problem more easily.  The most sensitive
> mouse in my collection seems to have only 600 dpi.

It's a Saitek Laser mouse. I checked these for polished surfaces and it's even 
working on glass if you stick some milky sheet _under_ the glass, which 
doesn't destroy the clean surface optic. (btw, the logitech laser mice didn't 
work on the described glass table!)
I have one spare in stock, I can put it in your letter box if I'm downtown 
next time (planned for this afternoon, but weather forecast predicts hail.... 
so not sure)

Best regards,


> Best regards
>    Oliver

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