Best way to build a "new" AMD64 current

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Thu Jun 14 20:48:27 UTC 2007

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Jeff Roberson wrote:

> On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Walter Vaughan wrote:
>> I have a dual quad core intel box that I want to test current on. It's been 
>> running current about 4 weeks, and the last week has been nothing short of a 
>> lot of random reboots under load. But when it is running it's spectacular.
>> (Yes I've been reading this list and UPDATING)
>> What is the best policy to build a new current? I'll erase and start anew.
>> I'm not much help to Jeff Roberson right now, if all the feedback is that 
>> regardless of the scheduler I use, it reboots under load. Sadly, I'd blame 
>> java in this instance, but we've gotten it to reboot more often just running 
>> the postgres command line tool psql with large dataset imports.
> Have you checked your BIOS event log for ram parity errors, etc?  Is this the 
> first OS you've installed on the machine?
> You also should enable the KDB, DDB, and INVARIANTS options in your kernel to 
> try to catch the problem if it is a software bug.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
>> Is this the best way?
>> 1)Using a FreeBSD AMD64 6.2 boot only CD, and doing a minumal install.
>> 2)Then installing pkg_add -r cvsup and getting the /usr/src w/ current
>> 3)Then do a buildworld/kernel * install dance
>> 4)Then install ports collection
>> 5)Then install compat6x, postgresql, svn, javawrapper, xorglibraries
>> 6)pkg_add diablo-AMD64-java-for-6.1
>> 7)svn the ERP and start testing
>> Thanks
>> --
>> Walter

-What's the motherboard maker?
-What's the chipset maker (nVidia, Intel)?
-Have you tried out an alternate OS in testing the system?


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