RFC: diff(1) update

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Thu Jun 14 16:55:38 UTC 2007

On Jun 14, 2007, at 1:33 AM, LI Xin wrote:
> Chuck Swiger wrote:
>> Paul Eggert, the diffutils maintainer, has recently adopted a  
>> patch for
>> sdiff which allows using "1" and "2" in addition to "l" and "r",  
>> which
>> is exceptionally useful when people are running mergemaster.  Also,
> dmalone@ has pointed out that to me.  Sounds reasonable and I will  
> take
> it into account in the import.

Excellent-- thank you so much.  :-)

>> v2.8.6 also includes a fix for invoking an editor in sdiff mode:
> [snip]
> Do you think it's more sensible to just import 2.8.6 or 2.8.7 instead?
> Or should I pull out the two changesets?

The diff for the "1"/"2" keys is small and could be pulled out easily  
and used against 2.8.1; the fixes made in v2.8.6 for the subsidiary  
editor are more complex.  I don't think Paul has pushed out a newer  
tarball than 2.8.1, so you'd have to pull the newer changes out of  
CVS (@ Savannah, probably?) one way or the other.


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