Best way to build a "new" AMD64 current

Walter Vaughan wvaughan at
Thu Jun 14 14:42:33 UTC 2007

I have a dual quad core intel box that I want to test current on. It's been 
running current about 4 weeks, and the last week has been nothing short of a lot 
of random reboots under load. But when it is running it's spectacular.

(Yes I've been reading this list and UPDATING)

What is the best policy to build a new current? I'll erase and start anew.

I'm not much help to Jeff Roberson right now, if all the feedback is that 
regardless of the scheduler I use, it reboots under load. Sadly, I'd blame java 
in this instance, but we've gotten it to reboot more often just running the 
postgres command line tool psql with large dataset imports.

Is this the best way?

1)Using a FreeBSD AMD64 6.2 boot only CD, and doing a minumal install.
2)Then installing pkg_add -r cvsup and getting the /usr/src w/ current
3)Then do a buildworld/kernel * install dance
4)Then install ports collection
5)Then install compat6x, postgresql, svn, javawrapper, xorglibraries
6)pkg_add diablo-AMD64-java-for-6.1
7)svn the ERP and start testing


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