HEADS UP: IPX over IP support removed

Bernd Walter ticso at cicely12.cicely.de
Wed Jun 13 21:10:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 07:39:26AM -0700, Maksim Yevmenkin wrote:
> Robert,
> [...]
> >The following subsystems remain with NET_NEEDS_GIANT dependence:
> >
> >i4b -    ISDN framework, for which there is on-going work
> >
> >netatm - One of three ATM frameworks, for which there is on-going work
> >
> >ng_h4 -  Bluetooth serial drivers -- I know of no on-going work here
> >
> >IPSEC -  KAME IPSEC implementation, which will be removed and replaced with
> >          FAST_IPSEC in 7.0, once IPv6 support is committed for it.
> >
> >Of the above, I am concerned about ng_h4 since I've heard nothing about
> >potential work on this.  I believe the dependence issue has to do with
> >entering the non-MPSAFE TTY code without Giant, and perhaps this is easily
> >addressed...
> yes, ng_h4(4) uses giant to enter tty code. i have some code, i wrote
> long time ago, similar to what ng_tty(4) does, however, i was waiting
> for tty changes.
> i will see if i can fix it, or, since almost no one uses serial
> bluetooth dongles anymore, retire it completely

I hadn't spend much time with bluetooth yet, so this maybe a silly
Is this for using a generic bluetooth device attached to RS232 or
is this to emulate an serial connetion over BT?
So far the BT devices I've seen with uart interfaces are not gerneric
ones and support only the serial connection over BT in a modemstyle
fashion, which doesn't need special OS support anyway.
I've ordered two of those devices yesterday and it would be great
if I can connect them with FreeBSD via an USB-BT adapter.

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