GPT - (last) call for action

Ivan Voras ivoras at
Tue Jun 12 11:25:15 UTC 2007

Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     It really sounds like they are making an accomodation for BIOS
>     booting or older Windows booting... or *something* of that sort.  The
>     fact that the bootability bit is not set in the MBR (I'm not sure about
>     that, is it set or not?)... that seems to imply a compatibility issue

The spec forbids bootable flag in the "protective MBR"

>     with other OS's like Windows in a multi-boot environment.
>     They are just doing it all with a single slice instead of having
>     two slices.

This is "more" conformant to the spec, which says the protective MBR 
should have only one partition which covers the whole disk.

I think that we can get away with > 1 fdisk slices which mirror the 
first four GPT partitions on non-EFI machines.

This would probably mean modifying the gpt utility and module to mirror 
the EFI partitions in the PMBR, controlled by a flag so that real EFI 
machines don't get choked.

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