make release on current ends with "No space left on device" md1 + umount /mnt + mdconfig -d -u md1 *** Error code 1 S

eculp at eculp at
Mon Jun 11 10:35:05 UTC 2007

While waiting for the current snap, I have given make Release a half  
dozen tries with all ending in the following result.

/mnt: write failed, filesystem is full
cpio: write error: No space left on device
+ umount /mnt
+ mdconfig -d -u md1
*** Error code 1

This has been over the period of 10 days with new cvsup sources each  
time. The tail of the log file that starts at

(cd /R/stage/dists/src;  rm -f CHECKSUM.MD5 CHECKSUM.SHA256;  md5 * >  
.CHECKSUM.MD5;  sha256 * > .CHECKSUM.SHA256;  mv .CHECKSUM.MD5  
src distribution is finished.
touch release.7

Can be found at

IIRC, I am wondering if setting MAKE_FLOPPIES=false would just skip  
this and go to making ISOs?  Thanks for any suggestions.  In the mean  
time I'm going to check for new current snaps.


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