Threading breaking FreeBSD Foundation's Java?

Walter Vaughan wvaughan at
Sat Jun 9 07:52:38 UTC 2007

On dual quad core Intel box with 8 gig ram running AMD64.
FreeBSD-Current from about a week ago and a few hours ago

We have been flexing our Java based ERP on the box and all of a sudden we have 
problems when we had code to find printers.

I found some example code that we put into the project that we think was the 
problem and when I compiled and ran an example class I got...

Fatal error 'Exceeded maximum lock level' at line 201 in file 
/usr/src/lib/libpthread/thread/thr_rtld.c (errno = 0)

about a hundred times and then it

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

That line is...
               KSE_LOCK_ACQUIRE(curkse, &l->lck);

Does this from UPDATING apply here?
         The default threading library has been changed to libthr.  If
         you wish to have libpthread as your default, use option
         DEFAULT_THREAD_LIB=libpthread for the buildworld.
I did that didn't see a change when I built world with
make -j16 buildworld DEFAULT_THREAD_LIB=libpthread

What about the kernel?

I dont see any help with


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