ZFS compatibility

Claus Guttesen kometen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 19:46:17 UTC 2007

> SIIG card. I want to use ZFS, however I don't want to run and keep up
> with CURRENT. In the meantime, if I install Solaris 10 for x86, and
> create a ZFS pools and filesystems, will I be able to just install
> FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE (when ready) on the OS drive and then mount my ZFS
> filesystems on the 3x SATA drives?

Zfs on current have behaved quite stable and is worth using after the
gcc 4.2 upgrade. I have installed current and used zfs on a 8 TB netto
storage as a file- and samba-server (using ver. 3.0.24 and not 3.0.25
fortunately), on a web-server (as test) and on my athlon at home.

There are some LOR's when you use the default non-optimized kernel but
I have not seen any kernel-panic nor reboot.


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