pf(4) status in 7.0-R

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Jun 6 19:07:26 UTC 2007

Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> If we want to provide a high quality event library for present and
> future needs, somebody needs to sit down and write that.
> But in either case, an eventlibrary should not be imported, unless
> we have code that uses it, and unless we intend to maintain it.

I quote from an email from archie@ regarding a BSD licensed event library he wrote..

> On 6/6/07, Julian Elischer <julian at> wrote:
> > You made a port of an event loop library..
> > what was it?
> >
> > (I think Ive asked you this before)
> libpdel.. but it contains other stuff too, including a web server :-)
> But you could rip out the event stuff pretty easily.
> It's in FreeBSD ports.. also

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