Intel C2D COREs not used equally in FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT i386

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Jun 5 23:02:46 UTC 2007

Wesley Shields wrote:

> Nvidia cards work just fine - just not with the nvidia driver.  I'm
> using xorg 7.2 with the nv driver just fine on an AMD64 laptop.

By any chance is anyone using the nv driver with a docking station?
With the nvidia driver I can use the docking station's video out to
drive my big monitor without any problem, but with the nv driver it
doesn't seem to pump bits to the monitor at all. If I try to start X
the monitor immediately goes into power save mode. If I turn off the
monitor and open the laptop lid, the nv driver works with the laptop's
screen as if the docking station weren't there, but I'd prefer to use
my nice big scree when I'm at home.

I'd give up the graphics acceleration to be able to run my C2D in
amd64 mode, but my old eyes can't give up the big monitor. :-/



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