HEADS UP: threadlock going in, likely tonight.

Jeff Roberson jroberson at chesapeake.net
Tue Jun 5 00:09:18 UTC 2007

Ok folks, make sure you don't sup a snapshot from the middle of my commits
and you should have a solid working tree.

I am going to work on the version of ule with per-cpu locks (sched_smp) a 
little while longer before sending that out again.  I suspect this will 
address many of the scheduling related complaints and performance problems 
people have had.


On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Jeff Roberson wrote:

> I will now begin committing threadlock.
> Please wait to cvsup until I send another mail.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Jeff Roberson wrote:
>> This has been up for review and testing for some time.  I think it's ready 
>> for prime-time.  Only one new bug came up over the weekend and I believe I 
>> have that fixed.
>> I'm going to commit the patch in stages but the tree will not be functional 
>> in between.  I'm not able to break it down into several functional steps 
>> but I want to leave meaningful commit messages in several files.
>> I will send out one more mail when I start and another when I'm done.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff

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