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> >     > FreeBSD customer base has been miniscule so not much has
> >     > been done to the code, maybe someday in my spare time :)
> >
> > "miniscule" ? That's scary to hear :(
> Until the last year, FreeBSD lagged in network performance, so trying
> to push 10 GigE on it was not all that compelling.
> FreeBSD is fast becoming competitive again. I also see a number of
> non-technical factors that may drive a resurgence of interest in
> FreeBSD.

It appears that it is very competitive and the vendors (or at least one
vendor) is aware of it. When we were having issues with getting
acceptable performance with Linux (no, I don't know which one), the
Chelsio engineer suggested that we try FreeBSD-current to see if it
might not do better.

I must admit that I found this way cool and really appreciate all of the
work you, Drew, Andre, jhb and others have done to make this happen.
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