/usr/share/mk/sys.mk and FORTRAN on -CURRENT

Don Lewis truckman at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jun 4 20:30:18 UTC 2007

On  4 Jun, Steve Kargl wrote:

> The correct spelling of the name of the language is Fortran.

It's spelled FORTRAN if you're old enough ;-)

> The reason is simple.  If you upgrade from 6-stable to 7-current
> and you do not clean out the f77 command (aka g77) then you 
> may have ABI issues when LAPACK is compiled with f77 and consumers
> of liblapack.a use gfortran or even the base system cc.

If you happened to upgrade -current in a certain window, "make
delete-old-libs" would remove the necessary libraries, even though "make
delete-old" didn't know that it should delete /usr/bin/f77, so the
lapack build would bail out because f77 couldn't find libg2c.

Setting FC=gfortran42 is is sufficient to get lapack and
math/atlas-devel to build, assuming that lang/gcc42 is installed.

BTW, math/atlas* has been using the combination of gcc34 and
gfortran42 on -current for a while now, which means that it requires the
installation of two different gcc ports ...

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