pf(4) status in 7.0-R

Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri almarrie at
Mon Jun 4 09:21:12 UTC 2007

On 6/4/07, Darren Reed <darrenr at> wrote:
> Note that some people have concerns about CARP being patent-encumbered
> (by Cisco) too.  Unless you know for sure if something is (or isn't)
> encumbered, don't bother speculating about what is or isn't a problem.
> If you're building a product from FreeBSD usign FreeVRRPd then you
> should have already contact'd Cisco...
> It's possible that lots of parts of FreeBSD are covered by patents
> and we just don't really know the full situation until someone sends
> an infringement notice and a court makes a decision.  If Micrsoft
> have patents over SMB (for example) then any implementation of smbfs
> would potentially violate that...and they are under no obligation to
> tell us.
> Picking on things because they're unmaintained is fine but
> speculating on patent issues is a waste of time and energy.
> Leave that to those soulless and lifeless laywer-vampire types.
> Darren

Kill patent and free the Revolution Technology :)


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