MacBook patches

Ian FREISLICH ianf at
Mon Jun 4 09:06:07 UTC 2007

Rui Paulo wrote:
> At Sat, 02 Jun 2007 01:45:06 +0100,
> Rui Paulo wrote:
> > Can you try a 7.0-CURRENT i386 snapshot CD and see if it hangs when
> > booting the second core?
> > If it hangs, it should hang at:
> > ACPI APIC Table: <APPLE  Apple00>
> Just to clarify, I asked you to boot an i386 CD because there's a
> problem with older MacBooks and I would like this information so that
> I can better understand the problem.

I can verify a hang at this point with the 7.0-CURRENT-200705-i386
snapshot.  I was wondering how to get it past this point so that I
could finish the install.  If I boot in "safe mode" from the beasie
menu, the boot works up until the point it prints "going nowhere
without my init".

Let me know what information you want and I'll boot whatever
comination you want.


Ian Freislich

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