zsh oddities with recent -current

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at gsoft.com.au
Wed Jul 25 08:03:47 UTC 2007

I updated my -current box (laptop) on the 18th and I have 2 strange 
issues with zsh.

1) I can't unset environmental variables set before the shell started, 
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >echo $FOO

[inchoate 17:06] ~ >export FOO=bar
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >env | grep FOO
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >unset FOO
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >env | grep FOO
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >export FOO=bar
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >exec zsh
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >unset FOO
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >env | grep FOO
[inchoate 17:06] ~ >echo $FOO

I've tried rebuilding zsh but that has had no effect.

2) Various signals (SIGSTATUS & SIGINTR at least) were being sent when I 
press ctrl-t/c, stty showed they weren't set. Using stty I can set them 
and it works but it's odd it's changed.. Also I can't seem to reproduce 
it now that I put the stty commands in my .zshrc, even if I comment 
them out and log into a different TTY - some global variable not inited 
in the TTY code(??).

Daniel O'Connor software and network engineer
for Genesis Software - http://www.gsoft.com.au
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are so many of them to choose from."
  -- Andrew Tanenbaum
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