GSoC2007: cnst-sensors.2007-08-20.patch

Constantine A. Murenin cnst at
Tue Aug 21 14:21:52 PDT 2007

Dear freebsd-current@,

It is my pleasure to present a Technology Preview patch that ports most 
of the base components of OpenBSD's hardware sensors framework to FreeBSD.

Apart from the kernel framework for registering and accessing hardware 
sensors, this patch includes the lm(4) driver that supports nearly all 
known Winbond Super I/O chips that the majority of PCs have today. It 
also includes a patch that converts coretemp(4) driver to the new 

Most noticeably, this patch does not yet include sysctl(8) access to 
hardware sensors; however, sensor readings can be conveniently monitored 
with systat(1) sensors display and logged with the included sensorsd(8).

(As this project is about porting the framework, no iic(4) drivers were 
or will be ported from OpenBSD at this time -- however, if you are 
willing to port some drivers and need help with sensors framework, let 
me know.)

Apply to FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT as of 2007-08-20 by doing:

	cd /usr/src
	mkdir  sys/dev/lm  sys/modules/lm  usr.sbin/sensorsd
	patch < cnst-sensors.2007-08-20.patch

More details, including some installation instructions, are available in 
my LJ:

Google Summer of Code 2007 Student @ The FreeBSD Project. :)

On 20/08/2007 23:39, Constantine A. Murenin wrote:

> Change 125477 by cnst at dale on 2007/08/21 03:38:31
> 	This is a complete `cvs diff` of cnst-sensors 
> 	GSoC2007 project as of 2007-08-20.
> 	It includes the following components,  listed below in
> 	the very same order as they are appearing in this diff:
> 	* sample configuration file for sensorsd
> 	* sysctl(3) doc fixes for CTL_HW tree
> 	* sysctl(3) documentation for hardware sensors
> 	* sysctl(8) doc fixes for hw tree
> 	* sysctl(8) documentation for hardware sensors
> 	* assorted KNF fixes for sysctl(8)
> 	* lm(4) documentation
> 	* sensor_attach(9) et al documentation
> 	* coretemp(4) conversion to hw.sensors framework
> 	* lm(4) isa driver ported from OpenBSD
> 	* /sys/kern/kern_sensors.c
> 	  o sensor_attach(9) API for drivers to register sensors
> 	  o sensor_task_register(9) API for the update task
> 	  o sysctl(3) glue code
> 	* assorted KNF and bug-fixes for /sys/kern/kern_sysctl.c
> 	* lm(4) module for testing sensor_attach/detach et al
> 	* <sys/sensors.h>
> 	* assorted bug-fixes and HW_SENSORS definition for <sys/sysctl.h>
> 	* sensors display for systat(1), including all documentation
> 	* sensorsd(8) and all applicable documentation
> 	The most noticeable component that this patch does not include is
> 	sysctl(8) support for hw.sensors, which is still in the works ATM.
> 	Everything else should compile and should be fully functioning.
> 	Please test.  Sensor readings can be viewed with `systat -sensors`
> 	and logged with `sensorsd`.
> 	This patch is submitted partially due to the 2007-08-20 deadline,
> 	but mostly because no-one has ever reported running with this code
> 	on FreeBSD, although several people have contacted me personally
> 	and expressed their interest in this project -- I hope this unified
> 	diff should make things a bit easier for potential testers. ;)
> 	Submitted by:	cnst at (Constantine A. Murenin)
> 	Obtained from:	generated by from
> 			//depot/projects/soc2007/cnst_sensors/
> 	Sponsored by:	Google Summer of Code 2007
> Affected files ...
> .. //depot/projects/soc2007/cnst-sensors/cnst-sensors.2007-08-20.patch#1 add
> Differences ...

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