XPT LOR/panic with USB stick and Giantless CAM

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at lists.zabbadoz.net
Mon Apr 30 10:10:11 UTC 2007

On Sun, 15 Apr 2007, Rene Ladan wrote:


> when I plug and unplug an USB stick using FreeBSD 7.0 2007-04-15 18:37
> UTC , I get a LOR followed by a panic (attached).  USB sticks worked
> fine on my previous CURRENT (2007-04-11 20:56 UTC)

for future reference I added it to 'The LOR page' with LOR ID #212

Could someone point me at the commit where this got fixed? TIA.

Bjoern A. Zeeb				bzeeb at Zabbadoz dot NeT

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