ZFS committed to the FreeBSD base.

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Mon Apr 30 10:00:11 UTC 2007

On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:

> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> \o/
>> You might need to recompile with DEBUG_LOCKS and DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS and
>> do 'show lockedvnods', but maybe this is trivially reproducible.
> I've rollbacked and destroyed this snapshot and now don't have this
> problem. But i have several LOR.

The two news ones got added to 'The LOR page':

>lock order reversal:
> 1st 0xc2be9154 zfs:&db->db_mtx (zfs:&db->db_mtx) @
>  sys/modules/zfs/../../contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dnode.c:318
> 2nd 0xc2c94b20 zfs:&zp->z_lock (zfs:&zp->z_lock) @
>  sys/modules/zfs/../../contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/zfs_znode.c:73

LOR ID #209

>lock order reversal:
> 1st 0xc2c3e818 zfs:&ds->ds_deadlist.bpl_lock (zfs:&ds->ds_deadlist.bpl_lock) @
>  sys/modules/zfs/../../contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/bplist.c:154
> 2nd 0xc2be63a0 zfs:&dn->dn_struct_rwlock (zfs:&dn->dn_struct_rwlock) @
>  sys/modules/zfs/../../contrib/opensolaris/uts/common/fs/zfs/dnode.c:571

LOR ID #210

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