Panic on boot. How do I get a kernel dump.

Tom Cumming tcumming123 at
Fri Apr 27 23:22:50 UTC 2007

On 4/27/07, Peter Jeremy <peterjeremy at> wrote:

> 1) It is a production server that can't be left down for extended periods.

   Yup.  I.e., the dump provides a snapshot of the full state of the system
at the moment of the panic. This snapshot can be examined at leisure, a
customer could ftp the dump to a qualified engineer, etc.

2) It is a remote system without remote console access.

   .. or number 3) I can use my existing dump analysis tools and scripts to
examine the dump, and I cannot run the scripts from the console prompt.

Lets put the original question slightly differently:  How can the
> kernel state be saved if the kernel crashes before it's possible to
> invoke dumpon(8)?

I don't follow the geom code... is there a place in geom where I could put
something like, geom->dumpdev = "mydevice"?

Or ...
> Since dumpdev is now intertwined with geom and the geom tasting is
> quite late in the boot process, I agree that the current crashdump
> code does not seem amenable to use early in the boot process.

does  this mean even hard coding the dumpdev won't work? If so, then maybe
the, "your sol" statement is correct.

Thx, tom

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