ZFS and mv utility

Alexey Tarasov master at preved.cn
Wed Apr 25 21:17:20 UTC 2007

Hello Pawel.

I have a question about ZFS and mv utility. I have the following pool  

NAME                          USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
storage                      62,1G   121G    26K  /storage
storage/music                7,95G   121G  7,95G  /storage/music
storage/oldhome              47,5G   121G  47,5G  /storage/oldhome

I made the following operation: mv /storage/oldhome/lexa/music/* / 
storage/music and that operation took a very long time. It seems that  
MV copies files first from storage/oldhome/lexa/musc to storage/music  
and then deletes them from old location. But I move files within one  
storage pool and it should work as fast, as it works on UFS  
partition. Does it need to be modified for compatibility with ZFS?


Alexey Tarasov
master at preved.cn

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