interface transmit-queue stalls

Max Laier max at
Wed Apr 25 19:24:50 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 25 April 2007 20:43, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> Am I the only one who sees transmit queue stalls in -current ?
> The interface, ath and tun so far, receive just fine, but transmits
> fail to even enter the queue.

Do you get ENOBUFS for local sends?  Are you sure it gets down to the 
interface queue (might stall in the socket layer already - does the 
forwarding path work?)?  What's your setting?

> Is there any chance that for instance ifqueue->ifq_len might get
> out of sync ?

Does an ifconfig down/up cycle help the situation?  I don't see any 
commits in that area lately.  Do you have ALTQ?

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